Just Street Sense® practices Radical Centrism by engaging in rational conversations and activitism.  More in About Us .  We have attempted to give you multiple ways to access and participate. You may write to us with suggestions. Find your interest by using  'Search'.  Thanks!

FAQ about JustStreetSense® and Centrist Foundation


Who are you guys? We are people who are tired off the extremist divisive marketing driven dribble in the media (includes internet). We want to be able to bring the rational, moderate and productive views back into focus. This site is one of the tools for the Centrist Foundation to use. We also with work with legislative representatives and other organizations on specific issues.

What do you stand for?  We believe we are the people! We believe that most Americans and for that matter the world are just trying to live and get by. We vote by issues and are not hard liners on anything. We believe that the Nazis (extremists) of the 20th Century are still alive and kicking us from the shadows. We believe that the extremists whether politicans, racists, gender touters, or whatever the '.ians or ists' get the media attention and have loud voices. We believe we can make a difference by providing a medium to the majority with their own voices about their issues. We don't have to agree with you or support you. We just want a rational discussion without the hate and hype! We are the people with many views on many issues. We are neither liberals, conservatives or centrists. We are a foundation that provides a research library and a conversation medium!  

What bucket (liberal, conservative, libertarian) can we put you in?  We hate and love everyone equally?  In reality, we are none of them. We are the people! We are the guardians of truth and facts. We have no desire to run for office or hold one. We are here to moderate and balance the extremists of any ilk! Look at  Our Plank on the constitution and other documents for more information.

What are your core values? We believe in Integrity in everything we do and Respect for others. We may fail at times, but we try to maintain those. We call it like it is and let the chips fall where they may! We will call our friends to tasks for being hypocritical or spreading non-sense.  We believe that we should walk the talk! 

Are you non-profit? Currently a small group of friends are funding, volunteering and doing it all. At some point we may consider non-profit status, but it is not a need or want now.

How can I help? Write articles, comments and any form of media you want to contribute to the conversation. Please keep it factual, cite sources, be rational and provide inspiration to get us back to the middle of the spectrum.

Do you guys pay for content? No! We think money exchanged either way corrupts the point of view and lowers the standard of opinion shared. There are plenty of 10 dollars an article sites. Even the big media giants get content for very little. The idea we had was that our founding fathers wrote brilliant stuff for free. Why can't we?

What do you do with registration information? Nothing! The internet is the wild west with anonymous postings dominating. If you have an opinion, you should be proud of it and say it with your name. If you want to read and not contribute, then it is fine to remain anonymous. However, we ask that you register and say what's on your mind. Anonymity allows you to say things you would not say in front of your friends and family, so why should that be not the case in public? We don't do anything with your information or sell it. We want an honest site! If you agree, we are kindreds, if you don't, you can read only. Israel is reportedly paying people to talk good about itself --- what a dumb solution looking for a problem! We don't subscribe to dumb ideas. The world needs to grow up in the medium known as the internet!

Privacy and stolen identities issue for using your real name. We have been using our real names for many years with no issues. The stolen identity happens not by posting an article or commenting on a blog. It happens in many ways like phishing, scam emails etc. We do not post your email address. Just using your real name or a close one is not going to hurt you unless you are worried about political or governmental issues. The government is already watching regardless of what names you use. We are change agents and we should stand by our opinions.

How often do you add content? Currently our priority is to get the site running and becoming useful. We are adding content as soon as we can create them. We are also soliciting and recruiting writers. We have over 200 article ideas ready for someone to start writing. We are about to get the forums populated and managed by editors. If you would like to contribute content (NOT money), please send

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