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1 Comment
Added by TheDragon
March 16, 2016

The more I look around, the more it is obvious that motivated, energetic individuals with not necessarily the best ideas rule the world.

Maybe it does take assholes to run the world. The masses are like dogs, they possess an unquenchable thirst for attention and are looking for authoritarians aka the Alphas to lead them. I prefer to label these alphas as omegas. Deep down the omegas are manifesting their desires on to their surroundings, while the good meaning, well-intentioned, thoughtful folks sit behind their desks, cogitating on the best ideas.

The omegas are not very different than the schoolyard bullies who won't stop at nothing. The only hope for humanity's survival is for the rest of the thoughtful folks, the Alphas, to recognize this fact , energize and organize against the omega power structure. Don't just be mad, start putting those thoughts into actions.!
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