Just Street Sense® practices Radical Centrism by engaging in rational conversations and activitism.  More in About Us .  We have attempted to give you multiple ways to access and participate. You may write to us with suggestions. Find your interest by using  'Search'.  Thanks!

About US 


Draft of our Mission Statement. We welcome suggestions to it:

We practice Radical Centrism by engaging in rational conversations and activitism.  We hope to be the 'Change'  we want in our world! Moderation and Centrism is needed now.

We do not capture or use your contact information for any reason.  

We cooperate with other organizations on specific issues and concerns.

 If you would like to share articles, suggestions, opinions or questions, please write to the moderator or post comments on the Blogs/Forums. We welcome all suggestions. Thank you for visiting.  

We are supported by The Centrist Foundation, LLC. The Centrist Foundation is a self funded organization to promote rational discussion and fact based information about various subjects. We want to promote the moderate view to counter the hate based media on both extreme spectrum of opinions.

We would like to be one of louder voices about what matters to the people on the street. This site is about, for, by and of the people of the street.

We would like everyone to join us to bring back the world away from extremism regardless of race, religion, point of view or ideologies. The voice of the street needs to be louder than the voice of the politicians, media and special interest groups. 

Please join us by starting or engaging in a conversation!  

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