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John Cline


Added by Sydney Glover
June 3, 2014

I see many issues with your doc. Why is it important to argue when your naked eyes, your lungs and mind can see the damage all around you? Can it be good to cut down the trees? Can it be good to cause extinction of species? Can it be good to destroy the beauty of forests? Can it be good to leave the planet in the worse shape than you found it? There seems to be no debate in the scientific world about the damage. Even Fox channels are broadcasting the COSMOS series which is very direct about the damage and causes of global warming!

Why is it necessary to argue? Most of the data and information shows that your view is a very small minority! Why the fight? Is it worth it to destroy the world to prove Gore's charts wrong or do something to clean up the mess? Would you like your house to be covered in soot like London was in the 18th century before the clean up began there? Why the debate? Just asking!
Added by John Cline (posted by Admin)
September 8, 2014


This is a very interesting speech about the East German Stasi spy agency and how they worked from the perspective of an insider who worked for them. It refers to the German film, “The Lives of Others”, which I have on DVD. It’s well worth seeing.
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